An armed response vehicle of Python Alarms.

Python Alarms, the only armed response service in Bethlehem, Free State, was established in 2005. Since then they have proved themselves by taking the safety of their customers personally. Their innovative approach lead to the establishment of a centralized control centre, from where all their client’s alarm systems can be monitored. Not willing to be caught in the dark, they ensured that their service cannot be interrupted by backing up the control centre’s telephone and radio monitoring with a battery system.

The staff in the control centre constantly monitors for Burglary and Distress Signals as well as calls for Medical Emergencies. Besides sending out response vehicles immediately, the control centre also has a direct link to Police and Medical Services, who will be informed of any situation immediately.

Python Alarms is dedicated to the safety of Bethlehem and makes sure that their vehicles are visible in all the suburbs and at schools. This ensures that the neighborhoods in Bethelehem is as safe as possible and offers their customers peace of mind.

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